Lake Churchill was converted from a stream and small but deep pond in 1971 by Prudential as the company initiated development of the Churchill Town Sector. Montgomery County required installation of the dam and thus the creation of the lake in order to serve as a Storm Water Management Facility for the majority of the Town Sector. The lake handles storm water from a watershed of approximately 720 acres.

While the 18-acre lake continues to serve as a Storm Water Management Facility, the Churchill Community Foundation Board of Directors strives to make the facility a valuable amenity to the entire community. The lake’s natural fore bay has trapped a significant amount of sediment from reaching the middle of the lake where there is still a very generous water capacity. Although the lake is not stocked, it contains a healthy variety of fish and is home to numerous other species of wild life. The lake is situated between Wynnfield Drive, Father Hurley Boulevard, the Waters Landing community, and Laurel Hill Way. The lake is a constant level facility with the overflow draining directly to Little Lake Seneca.